XEROX Nuvera 120EA



Xerox Nuvera™ 100/120/144 EA Production System


Rated speed

8.5″ x 11″ media: 100, 120, 144 ipm
11″ x 17″ media: 60, 72 ipm


Print: 4800 x 600 dpi
RIP: 1200 x 1200 dpi
Scan: 600 x 600 dpi
Scan to File: 300, 400, 600, 1200 dpi

Recommended average monthly volume

  • Xerox Nuvera 157: 2,200,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 144: 2,000,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 120: 1,500,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 100: 1,000,000 images per month
  • Multifunctional Finishers: 500,000 images per month

Duty cycle

  • Xerox Nuvera 157: up to 4,700,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 144: up to 4,300,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 120: up to 3,200,000 images per month
  • Xerox Nuvera 100: up to 2,800,000 images per month
  • Multifunctional Finishers: 700,000 images per month

Scan speed

Integrated Scanner: 120 ipm (single- and double-sided originals)

Line Screens

85, 106, 125, 134, or 156 lpi


Standard Capabilities

Production printing, reprinting, copying, scanning, and finishing

Printed Sides






TIFF, PCL6 (standard)
Adobe® PostScript® Level 3, PDF, ASCII, VIPP®/PostScript, PPML, LCDS and IPDS (optional)

Network Interfaces

Ethernet interface (10/100BaseT; 1 GB)
IBM Bus and Tag (optional)

User Interface

19″ flat panel monitor, USB keyboard, USB mouse

Memory: 2 GB

Hard Disk: 

Optional second hard drive: 1 TB SATA drive

Paper Handling

Paper sources

up to 3 feed modules (4 paper trays per module), plus an optional post-print insertion module

Standard paper capacity

3,200 or 5,800 sheets per module

Maximum paper capacity with options

17,400 sheets

Media Dimensions – Minimum

5.5″ x 8″ (four-tray module)
7.2″ x 8″ (two-tray module)

Media Dimensions – Maximum

12.6″ x 19.3″

Media Weight – Minimum

16 lb. ledger

Media Weight – Maximum

90 lb. cover

Media Types

  • Coated: gloss, silk, matte
  • Uncoated: book, text, bond, cover, bristol, index, offset
  • Specialty: carbonless, tabs, envelopes, never tear, preprinted offset forms


Electronic Input:  Network, CD, On-Board Storage

Automatic Document Feeder:  300 sheets

High Capacity Feeder

  • Standard Four-tray Sheet-feed Module: 5,800 sheets
  • Two-tray High-Capacity Sheet-feed Module: 3,200 sheets
  • Roll Feed Solution: uses DocuSheeter NV in conjunction with standard four-tray sheet-feed module

Other Input Devices

  • Post-print Four-tray Paper Insertion Module: 5,800 sheets
  • Post-print Two-tray Paper Insertion Module: 3,200 sheets
  • Integrated Scanner



  • Xerox DS-3500: 3,500 sheets, jam offset recovery/sheet-level recovery
  • Xerox Production Stacker: 2,850 sheets, unload while run with single unit, waist height delivery, jam offset recovery/sheet-level recovery

Top Tray: 250 sheets



  • Multifunction Finisher Professional: mid-production finisher (for 100 and 120 PPM speeds only): Stacks up to 2,000 sheets. 8.5″ x 11″ inline folder (C-type, Z-type, booklet/bi-fold). 11″ x 17″ inline folder (booklet/bi-fold). 15-sheet (60 pages) dual staple booklet maker
  • Multifunction Finisher Pro Plus: all benefits of the Multifunction Finisher Professional, plus: Insertion Tray (200 sheets, supports paper from 7″ x 10″ to Ledger, 38 lb book to 80 lb cover); Three-hole punch (2/3 or 2/4 punch, supports paper from 7″ x 10″ to 12″ x 18″, 38 lb book to 110 lb index)
  • Basic Finisher Module: 3,000 sheet stacker, offset between sets or jobs. 1 or 2 staples, up to 100 sheets
  • Basic Finisher Module Plus: Used in addition to Basic Finisher Module, Stacks up to 3,000 additional sheets, 1 or 2 staples, up to 100 sheets
  • Basic Finisher Module DC (Direct Connect): Provides DFA (Document Finishing Architecture) to enable direct connection to several center-registered third-party in-line finishing devices


  • Xerox Production Stacker: unload stacks of 2,800 sheets continuously – at waist height – until the job is complete
  • Xerox DS3500 Stacker
  • C.P. Bourg High Capacity Elevator


  • Xerox® DB120-D Document Binder
  • GBC® eBinder 200™

Booklet Making

  • Plockmatic Pro 30 Production Booklet Maker
  • CP Bourg PowerSquare 200™ Booklet Maker
  • CP Bourg BDFX Booklet Maker
  • Duplo DBM-5001 Inline Booklet Maker

Tape Bound

  • Xerox Tape Binder

Hole Punch

  • GBC® FusionPunch® II

Other Finishing Options

Finishing Transport — Interface to Document Finishing Architecture (DFA) compliant devices

Print Controllers

Digital Front Ends

Xerox FreeFlow™ Print Server

Finishing and Options



  • Xerox Production Stacker
  • Xerox DS3500 Stacker

Booklet making

Perfect binding

Tape binding

Hole punching


  • LaserMate LM-15 Pressure Seal System

Xerox IntegratedPLUS Finishing Solution

  • Produce more jobs with full asset utilization of your in-line and off-line finishing options.
  • Drive more jobs through your shop with less cost and faster turnarounds.
  • Enjoy time and labor savings from one touch prepress and automatic finishing setup.
  • Reduce errors, streamline prepress and remove production bottlenecks.

Download brochure – Finishing Guide for Xerox Nuvera

High-capacity feeding

Production Information Management System (PIMS)

The Xerox Production Information Management System (PIMS) captures, computes and displays real-time production performance for one printer or a group of printers, either on site or at multiple locations. The system provides job status, productivity metrics and machine metrics such as idle time and print time. It provides an easy way to measure performance to production goals.

  • Manages your presses’ productivity
    • in real time
    • regardless of location
    • using one tool
  • Shows the productivity of each machine, customer maintenance activities, and consumable information
  • Web-based toolkit allows you to monitor key engine information to determine optimal running conditions
  • Real-time automated monitoring of multiple systems at multiple sites helps manage labor costs and operational costs
  • Immediate feedback enables changes to workflow and job loads across printers or sites when needed

Xerox Nuvera Flexible Speed Program

The Xerox Nuvera Flexible Speed Program lets you upgrade your Xerox Nuvera Production System to meet fluctuations in the volume of your workload.

  • Increase the speed of any Xerox Nuvera system and increase your output capacity for 30 days or until your workload diminishes – with no long term commitments.
  • Great strategy for environments that experience sharp fluctuations in volumes or demanding deadlines.
  • Try a larger model on for size before making a final decision to upgrade permanently.
  • Gain the productivity you need in the short term without major spending in the long term.



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